Individual Investor Services & Strategies

We provide comprehensive, custom wealth management for high net worth individual investors. We manage 100% of the capital for most of our individual clients. High net worth investors benefit from a custom approach that considers their unique characteristics. Our process includes:

  1. Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Creation: we develop a custom-fit investment strategy per client that considers: estate planning, tax, investment objectives, unique characteristics, balance sheet, and credit
  2. Asset Allocation: we set the asset allocation, ranges, and tolerances for each asset class
  3. Investment Selection: we manage the portfolio on a discretionary basis and execute the plan
  4. Performance & Strategy Review: annual review of performance and IPS

Wealth management includes a comprehensive strategy around estate, assets, liabilities, tax, continuity, and banking/credit needs. We partner with other independent professionals, including attorneys, CPAs, banks, and trust companies to formulate a wealth management strategy. We put the strategy together with the client and elevate them to a "chairman of the board" position. 

Our portfolios may include some or many of the following strategies:

  1. Global core individual equities: growth-focused strategy

  2. Global dividend-focused individual equities: growth and income-focused strategy

  3. All-Asset: asset class agnostic absolute return strategy

  4. Municipal bond: tax-free income, conservative strategy

  5. Corporate bond: income-focused strategy

  6. Global equity mutual funds: growth-focused strategy

  7. Global fixed income mutual funds: income-focused strategy

  8. Palisades Fund: absolute return, concentrated, performance-only private partnership
  9. Passive index strategy: benchmark matching strategy designed to reduce fees, trading, and taxes


Most of the strategies above can be offered as a passive or active strategy. Our portfolio turnover is generally between 10-15%. 


Since inception in 2003, we have retained 95% of our clients.