Our Vision & Principles

Our Vision is to help our clients steward their time and capital more effectively.

Our principles include:

  • Honesty, Trust & Integrity - our business is built and maintained one relationship at a time and we will not risk our reputation for anything. 

  • Capital Preservation - we do not risk what our clients have and need attempting to gain what they do not have or need.

  • Independence - we are independently-owned and operated. We are not a broker and our clients are not "owned" by Wall Street.

  • Skin in the Game - we own the same securities as our clients.

  • Track Record - we have a performance track record since inception in 2003.

  • Fee-based Compensation - we do not receive commissions or get paid for activity or trading. Our fees are based on the value of your account. 

  • Client-focused, Fiduciary Management - we act in the best interest of our clients as a legally-bound fiduciary.

  • Disciplined Investment Process - we eliminate market emotion (fear & greed) by executing a timeless, fundamental, value investing strategy.

  • Taxes - we are mindful of taxes and the impact of trading. Tax-deferred compounding is the secret to wealth creation.

  • Transparency - net investment performance and total, all-in fees are clearly communicated.

  • Patience is the cornerstone to any long-term, sustainable, successful investment program.